beta Discussing the Digital Government Declaration

[...] The “once-only” principle means that users should be able to provide data only once, and administrations should retrieve and share this data to serve the user, with full respect of data protection rules. While the principle is included in the current action plan and adopted by 18 Member State, most countries are still working to implement the necessary enablers, such as interoperable base registries and unique identifiers. Hence we propose to:
Laia Pujol
This is what all citizens will wish but I personally think that if it doesn't go with STRONG monitoring tools where all citizens can see how the different governments progress; with some benchmarks to see how good/ bad is doing it our region and country in the different principles; etc. ..then nothing will happen (or not enough). The problem is not the idea but the implementation and the enforcement of those ideas. The general problem is again TRUST: how can we TRUST that governments will try to implement such measures/ principles? How can we monitor how they progress on it- on a transparent,
Laia Pujol, 14/06/2017 10:42