beta Discussing the Digital Government Declaration

[...] * Continue the progress in opening up government data and services, moving from bulk data to standardised APIs. Besides closely monitoring the transposition of the PSI directive, there should be continuous pressure to extend its scope towards new entities and data, starting from extending the scope of Public Sector Information directive to data privately held, but of public interest, as proposed in Digital Single Market mid-term review.
Mika Honkanen
We need EU wide data models for open data.
Mika Honkanen, 11/07/2017 21:36
Qiy Foundation
Standardized and open APIs are very useful, but it's not enough. In addition, terms of use need to be developed. Rather than reinventing the wheel for every single API, it would be better to create and adhere to a pan-European scheme on which basis the same set of rules applies to all those APIs.
Qiy Foundation, 12/07/2017 12:44
we nedd EU wide data models and onthologies.
catonano, 13/07/2017 10:34
Matti Lammi
PSI needs to be extended also to source code of public software that needs to be released as Free/Open Source Software.
Matti Lammi, 14/07/2017 22:23