beta Discussing the Digital Government Declaration

[...] * Introduce a “collaboration by design” approach in e-government. Software component should be developed with clear indications on how third parties (public and private) can reuse and integrate their services, while relying on open source solutions and open standards whenever appropriate, following the principles of “reuse, publish and aggregate” mentioned in the European Interoperability Framework and by adopting co-design practices. At EU level, this approach should be pursued thoroughly in the context of digital service infrastructures, building blocks and cross-border services.
Laia Pujol
Good inspiration for this are also open licenses of big science centers (e.g Open Hardware license developed by CERN)
Laia Pujol, 14/06/2017 10:44
Luigi Reggi
Collaboration should include a discussion on which data should be disclosed and what level of detail is needed. This is particularly important in the case of data released for accountability purposes. So collaboration is also about the content and the context, not only about formats and standards
Luigi Reggi, 14/06/2017 15:26
Flavia Marzano
Agree! Public Administration should be much more committed on Open Source and Open Standard. Probably EU could coordinate a Software Reusable Data Base to allow software reuse among european Public Administrations.
Flavia Marzano, 18/06/2017 18:36