beta Discussing the Digital Government Declaration

[...] * Assume global leadership. Europe should assume the global leadership in the area of open government developing a full-throated, well-articulated position – backed up by evidence and concrete legislative action. In this regard the European Commission should become more active as a champion of open government at global level and especially in the Open Government Partnership.
Qiy Foundation
Why should this be a policy objective? It should rather be the result of leadership by example.
Qiy Foundation, 12/07/2017 13:17
Stuart Mackintosh
To assume global leadership, invest in generating legitimate and robust Open Source and Open Standards. Therefore, by developing knowledge and experience on how to be a forward-thinking innovator, leadership is recognised. This leadership is exercised through the other nations importing this code and standards, and referring back to the author for support, innovation and further leadership. Many examples exist where individuals are shaping the world in this way and have been for decades - creating systems that become the de-facto.
Stuart Mackintosh, 13/07/2017 16:53