beta Discussing the Digital Government Declaration

[...] * Ensure experimentation, trial and error approaches in government service delivery, as the pace of technological change is only likely to accelerate in the future. Put in place agile instruments, funding and methods to ensure experimentation and learning for all the priorities included in this document.
It is necessary to shorten the time between the conceptualisation of a service and its effective implementation, using methods such as design thinking. This technology allows the design of various services for citizens which only end up being implemented if they definitely meet people’s initial expectations (so ideas and application are one and the same thing).
Gencat, 20/06/2017 13:45
The provision of services is the most evident proof of whether something works or not; for this reason, policies need to get constant feedback from services. With this philosophy, the idea is to prototype services directly instead of developing cumbersome modernisation plans or White Papers by the public administration.
Gencat, 20/06/2017 13:46
Enrico Ferro
In this respect, the adoption of a circumscribed living labs areas should be promoted in order to test and experiment innovative solutions coming from the start-up ecosystem.
Enrico Ferro, 21/06/2017 10:19
Van Hoegaerden
EU Members clustering around initiatives could be fostered as a pathway to faster innovation.
Van Hoegaerden, 21/06/2017 14:44
Qiy Foundation
Try to avoid theoretical and top-down approaches. Support grassroot initiatives in a non-bureaucratic way. Provide a legal framework which facilitates experiments with models or prototypes that may otherwise be not fully in line with current rigid statutory requirements.
Qiy Foundation, 12/07/2017 13:43